Apparently, actor and Idol Kim Hyun Joong is not enlisting in the military any time soon despite recent news that he was. A news report was released through the Korea Herald stating that Kim Hyun Joong would be enlisting in the military in March of next year. The source of this information was supposedly an advertising industry insider who claimed "Kim is currently rearranging his advertisement schedules and contracts for his military service."

Now it seems this wasn't true at all because Kim Hyun Joong's company, Key East Entertainment, released a statement saying, "The rumors that Kim Hyun Joong is enlisting in March are groundless. He's currently resting after finishing his world tour." 

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Earlier this year, Kim Hyun Joong found himself in the midst of a scandal for allegedly physically abusing his girlfriend of two years. Although his ex-girlfriend eventually withdrew the charges, Kim Hyun Joong is still dealing with the matter since his case has been transferred from the police to a prosecutor based on one or more charges he did admit to during questioning.

It seems from my point of view that over the years, a few actors and idols have used early military enlistment as a way to escape and deal with their scandals. Perfect example: Joo Ji Hoon had a drug scandal a few years ago, it was big deal in the media, and he was like BYE and enlisted right away. Two years later, he was discharged and welcomed back to photo shoots, movies, dramas, and everything else lucrative; it was a good move for him.

Do you think it might actually be a good idea for KHJ to enlist early or not?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE