Kim Hyun Joong's ex-girlfriend and rumored baby's mother, Ms. Choi, desires to be a single mom. Her legal representation, Sun & Partners, reportedly spoke with Newsen today about her interest in remaining single.

"Our client wishes the issue will end as soon as possible. She has lost 9 lbs, and she is mentally and physically exhausted. Right now, Choi does not want marriage. She is willing to raise the child on her own," her legal representative Seon Jong Moon said. "There have been parts that were difficult to reveal regarding [Kim Hyun Joong's] family. Right now, we have no plans to release a statement in the near future."

This week, Kim and Choi's lawyers have discussed quite a bit of information about the details surrounding the pregnancy announcement over the weekend.

Yesterday, Choi's lawyers told the news media outlet Osen that they sent Kim Hyun Joong an ultrasound photo and additional proof of her pregnancy. They claimed they were in constant contact with him. News reports about their lack of communication were entirely false. 

Choi released a series of text messages between herself and Kim to Dispatch News. It outlined the pair talking about very private matters like their reconciliation, Kim showering her with gifts, their break-up, the baby news, and much more. The Boys Over Flowers actor reportedly texted her and inquired about the child. 

The SS501's singer agency, KeyEast, released a statement admitting that he knew about her pregnancy in early January, and they insist she hasn't shown up for a scheduled doctor's visit. They don't deny she is with child. Kim, his family, and the agency just want to make sure the baby is healthy.

What do you think? Which side is right in this complicated ordeal? 

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