kimjunghoon Get excited, Kim Jeong Hoon fans! The actor was chosen to be one of the main characters in the upcoming movie, Wild Dogs. He will be working alongside the rookie director Ha Won Jun, who debuted as a writer. Kim Jeong Hoon will be playing the part of a writer named So Yoo Jun, who lives his life absent-mindedly until he enters a village and tries to figure out the village's secret. Kim Jung Hoon's agency commented, "The reason why he chose this movie is because he wanted to shed the good guy image that everyone saw him as, and the parts he would take on as an actor were narrow. Both the company and Kim Jeong Hoon agreed that through this movie, he can mature as an actor who is able to take on a variety of roles." The actor is currently undergoing training and taking acting classes in order to perfect his role and will be making his comeback through movies and dramas later this year. What are your thoughts on Kim Jung Hoon playing the role of the "bad guy"? (Source: