Lee Young Jin Tweet

WHAT!? Kim Ji Hoon is MARRIED?! AND DIVORCED? That was my first reaction. I thought we had another Seo Tai Ji - Lee Ji Ah scandal in our hands. But a closer look into the article tells me otherwise. It's not Kim Ji Hoon the Actor (Stars Falling From the Sky), but Kim Ji Hoon the Singer (from an old singing duo called Duke). I was getting ready to be up at arms - Kim Ji Hoon can NOT be married! Not without my consent! But he's in the army right now - far from the reaches of women... Kim Ji Hoon DukeI digress. Kim Ji Hoon's ex-wife Lee Young Jin implied suicide when she tweeted, "Thank you everyone. I'm leaving now. I've endured thus far. I must have been a bad person. I want to see my son, but I have no strength left to endure. Ex-husband and Chan-e's father Kim Ji Hoon, please raise him happy. It's my last wish... Please cremate me and send me to a nice place." Terribly morbid. Terribly frightening. It definitely put the online community a-twitter, worried that news of her body would show up in the headlines. Singer Kang Won Rae retweeted it, but since then her tweet has been deleted. Lee Young Jin and Kim Ji Hoon went on TV to show off their relationship back in 2008, but their marriage ended in divorce in September 2010. Despite not being an actress, news of her death would still be news especially because she was married to a celebrity, and Korea does tend to have a higher rate of suicides in the entertainment industry. (It's not the only country I'm sure, but every year some famous or marginally famous person seems to die, as morbid as that sounds.) In the previous year, Park Yong Ha (Story of a Man, On Air) committed suicide after suffering from depression. Jang Ja Yeon (Boys Over Flowers) committed suicide due to the physical and verbal abuse she had suffered under her manager; Ahn Jae Hwan (Snow Flower) committed suicide due to increasing debt, and his best friend's ex-wife Choi Jin Shil (Last Scandal) committed suicide soon after. She was supposedly shocked by Ahn's death, and also suffering from the mounting pressure of being a single divorced parent and working actress. Ain't easy being a Korean celeb. Or, in Lee Young Jin's case, an ex-wife of a Korean celeb who's had trouble with drugs and the law. source: Nate