There is the old adage that goes: it is not the good times that define who you are, but rather how you get through the bad times...and in light of Kim Ji Soo's recent medical struggle (a time he himself has called the hardest in his life) we can only admire and attest to the poise and courage he has shown.  How did Kim face the darkest hours of his life thus far? Read on to find out!

In a recent interview with OSEN about his drama 'Fantastic', Kim Ji Soo candidly opened up about his recent struggle against acute osteomyelitis.

During the interview, Kim Ji Soo reassured his fans that, “I have recovered a lot. I am receiving regular examinations, " but also went onto more detail regarding the traumatic experience explaining that, “Before going to the hospital my leg was limping. It was so painful, and it was the most difficult experience I had in my life. I also thought the human body is mysterious.”

However, during and after this dark period, Kim Ji Soo's truly thoughtful character could be seen as he went onto worry not only about himself, but those around him. Kim continued to selflessly express that, “The writer had a difficult time, too. I was so sorry because [the writer], director, and staff members had to change the planned lines and they worried a lot.” Kim Ji Soo also clarified how everyone was very considerate of his health and condition during subsequent filming, and how he was only filmed from the waist up when he had to wear a cast. 

(Kim Ji Soo in Fantastic) 

His gratitude and apologetic attitude towards those around him during his illness truly shins...especially during the darkest time of his life! 

We're so happy to hear that your doing better Ji Soo! 


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