Running Man's Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo love to keep everyone guessing!

This past weekend, the variety show cast was given the special mission to create PG-12 rated signs to be shown at the beginning of their programs. Once they found out their signs would be shown at least eight times in a month, they decided to have fun with the content planning.

A couple of cast members mentioned that Kim Jong Kook should show off his ripped physique in new episodes. Song Ji Hyo protected him by expressing her idea for upcoming scenes, saying, “I did not include Kim Jong Kook exposing his body. I created it so that everyone will equally wear tights or be in equal positions," she said.

Kim Jong Kook whispered, “You’re so kind,” in response to her, while she smiled back at him. 

The rest of the cast became very suspicious of the pair saying things like, “What’s going on? Are you guys dating? You guys seem suspicious after learning about the fortune telling last week.”

Yoo Jae Suk shot down Song's idea because of the lack of close-ups for everyone, but Kim Jong Kook defended her by insisting her idea was good. Yoo went on to say the pair "seemed strange" and they have been spending alot of time together even at an awards ceremony. Ji Suk Jin added, “I might really lose all my money.”

In a past episode, Ji Suk Jin bet all his money that Kim Jong Kook And Song Ji Hyo weren't dating. When the rumors about them being a couple surfaced, he stood firm. Kim Jong Kook joked that he was jealous of his co-worker's income, but Ji brushed it off by mentioning that he saw a comment about the desire to see him kicking cans.

It seems Song Ji Hyo is always being coupled up on Running Man. Many loved shipping her as part of the "Monday Couple," and now it's "The Ace Couple." During Christmas, the rumors accelerated about Song and Kim, and they show no signs of slowing down. Watch the latest episode here on DramaFever to see sparks fly.

Are you shipping them too?

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