The next biggest thing in fashion is here. 

On Apr. 8, 2015, the press conference of new survival show Fashion King - Secret Box took place. 

Fashion King - Secret Box, which premieres Apr. 25, 2015, is a survival show starring top Korean and Chinese celebrities like "Sparta Kook" Kim Jong Kook, actress Yoo In Na, CN Blue Lee Jung Shin and model Jang Ryang. 

The stars will team with fashion designers and complete missions, competing with other celebrity-designer teams.

"I don't know much about fashion. I'm sure many won't associate me with fashion at all," Kim Jong Kook said in the press conference.

He added, "You will see me, a guy ignorant of fashion, learn about it. (My partner) designer Jung Doo Young said 'Victory is my goal,' but I'm worried because of me. Please watch us grow throughout the show."

Fashion King - Secret Box is the third in series of Fashion King, a variety show featuring celebrity-designer teams compete in missions. The Cinderella singer Suh In Young will host Fashion King - Secret Box. She previously hosted Star Beauty Show.

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What are your thoughts on the upcoming show? Do you think Kim Jong Kook is fashionable enough to win? Tell us in the comments below!