There can only be one Kim Jong Un. North Koreans with the name Kim Jong Un will have to come up with something new, and they'll have to do it fast. According to reports from South Korean media, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has placed an official ban on the use of his name, ordering that all citizens sharing the name Kim Jong Un be "trained" to change it.

The report comes from an internal state document that was reportedly leaked to South Korean television outlets. The document ordered that "All party organs and public security authorities should make a list of residents named Kim Jong Un...and train them to voluntarily change their names." Somehow, nothing about this "training" sounds very "voluntary."

If officials find citizens with the name Kim Jong Un, they were instructed to change all legal documents, including school records and identity cards, to the person's new name. No new birth certificates using the name Kim Jong Un will be issued. According to the report, authorities are also expected to ensure that gossip and complaints over the new order are contained. 

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 While the document itself hasn't been verified for authenticity, this move wouldn't come as a surprise from North Korea's dictatorship. According to a South Korean official, Kim Jong Un's father, Kim Jong Il, and his grandfather, Kim Il Sung, both banned the use of their names by North Korean citizens.