It really is the year of reunion casting. Kim Joo Hyuk (God of War, 2 Days 1 Night) and Son Ye Jin (of the summer blockbuster hit film Pirates) will be reuniting on the big screen for the upcoming film A House Full of Happiness.

Kim Joo Hyuk and Son Ye Jin last starred in the film My Wife Got Married back in 2008 as a happily married couple who then gets a third wheel when Son's character decides she wants to marry again without divorcing Kim. Now they'll star in this film as a National Assembly politician and his wife, and hopefully with a better marriage without any romantic third wheels. Song Hye Gyo was originally offered a role in this film to play the wife, but she passed on it and Son Ye Jin took on the part."" target="_blank">See Jung Il Woo fight ghosts and monsters in his quest to become the rightful ruler of Joseon in The Night Watchman’s Journal

I've never seen My Wife Got Married, although it sounds like a crazy romantic comedy. (Plus it stars Joo Sang Wook!) It definitely sounds more lighthearted than this film, which has been described as a political thriller where Kim Joo Hyuk's character enters the presidential race, but something terrible befalls his family. Guess the title is meant to be ironic? I'm sure fans of their first film would be happy to see these two reunite as husband and wife.

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