During a media conference in Germany, JYJ's Kim Jun Su spoke of the long legal battle with SM Entertainment over allegedly unfair contracts. Kim Jun Su said that the battle was "not in vain," as reported by Korean media. He said: "I feel that our efforts in the past three years and four months [the duration of their legal dispute with SM Entertainment] were not in vain," and  "Although it did not benefit us in any way, this matter had caused the Fair Trade Commission to come up with standardized contracts and provide our juniors with a better environment." The long legal battle over unfair contracts with the trio (including Kim Jae Jong and Park Yu Chun, former members of TVXQ) is finally over. However, the agreement that was signed has made a TVXQ reunion impossible. Kim Jun Su added, "It is very regrettable that we can no longer meet everyone under the name TVXQ." While it seems that the outcome of the battle was still unsatisfactory, Kim Ju Su seems relieved that it is finally over. Hopefully he is right about a better environment being paved for newcomers to the industry. It is sad that there will be no possible TVXQ reunion. Are you sad about this too? (Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)