Congratulations to yet another happy couple for tying the knot! Lovers actress Kim Jung Eun has just married her fiancee after almost three years together. Despite announcements that the wedding would be held in the United States in March, the newlyweds said their vows this past weekend in the heart of Seoul.

On April 29, the couple had a small, private ceremony in a restaurant among their family and closest friends. Although it wasn't a grand affair, the traditional setting and elegant decor made for a gorgeous venue. However, the beauty of the scenery was no match to that of the lovely bride, which can be seen in the pictures of the wedding below. 

Kim Jung Eun intends to continue her acting career and has stated the following to her fans regarding their support: "Today we were married under the April sun with the sky and weather giving us their blessing. Thank you to everyone who extended their congratulations, and I will strive to live as a wise and gracious wife and actress". 

We, along with all of Kim Jung Eun's fans, wish her and her husband a lifetime of happiness together and hope to see more amazing work from her in the future.

Doesn't Kim Jung Eun look positively glowing? What do you think of the ceremony? Any other thoughts on the wedding? Let us know in the comments below!


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