Congratulations to Kim Jung Hwa who has just given birth to her second child! After two years since their first child, the actress and her husband, Yoo Eun Sung, are overjoyed to welcome another baby boy into their family.

On July 5th, Kim Jung Hwa gave birth to her second son in a hospital in Songpa-gu, Seoul. Following the event, her agency quickly released a statement stating, “She gave birth a week before her due date. Kim Jung Hwa is currently resting and recuperating.” Despite delivering sooner than expected, both the mother and newborn are healthy. We hope Kim Jung Hwa has a quick and relaxing recovery!

In addition to her agency's statement, Kim Jung Hwa also sent her own message to her fans saying, "I am happy and thankful for a new family member. Thank you to everyone who has blessed and supported us. I will work hard to show a good image through a happy family and as an actor." 

The actress married the Christian singer and composer Yoo Eun Sung back in 2013 after eight months of dating. The couple welcomed their first son a year later and have now experienced the joys of becoming parents a second time. 

Once again, congratulations to Kim Jung Hwan and her family We hope they are happy and prosperous in the years to come. 


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What do you think of this joyous news? Have any well wishes to send this beautiful family? Let us know in the comments below!