Members of North Korea's all-female music group, Moranbong, are wearing shorter skirts these days as directed by North Korea's Supreme Leader, Kim Jung Un, possibly in an attempt to beat out South Korean K-pop's growing popularity.

The music group is composed of talented young women who can sing and play various musical instruments. Kim organized the group late last year, reportedly as a strategy to use music to strengthen his power. Many of Moranbong's members come from the elite Pyongyang University of Music and Dance, and the university has started a new program to groom pop singers this year

The shorter skirts for the Moranbong singers are meant to showcase their youthful energy. Their popular songs are generally of the patriotic genre. Their songs certainly sound peppy with lyrics such as:

"Let's study! Let's study! All for our homeland."

"Let's study! Let's study! All for our tomorrow."

"Use our way to build this paradise."

Previously, it was reported that Kim ordered an updated uniform for Air Koryo's flight attendants. It would appear that allowing shorter skirts is consistent with his bigger plan. Who will get a new uniform next?