While most of the media's attention was focused on her rumored affair with the director of her most recent film, Kim Min Hee did something no other Korean actor has ever done, taking home Best Actress at the Berlin International Film Festival for her lead role in Hong Sang Soo's On the Beach at Night Alone.

Controversial because of the timing, and also because of the film's close resemblance to the star's real-life romance with the director himself, On the Beach at Night Alone has been critically well-received, thanks to the powerful performance of Kim Min Hee, who took home the highest honor any actress can receive at one of the world's most well-respected international film festivals. Alongside Cannes and Venice, the Berlin International Film Festival is where the best of the best screen their films and compete with filmmakers from all around the world. Winning the "Best of" in any category in Berlin means you're at the top of your game, and Kim Min Hee is definitely that.

The 34-year-old actress has had to deal with a lot in past months, publicly shamed and criticized for her rumored involvement with the much older and married director. After having dealt with it by taking a break from public appearances, the Min Hee has redeemed herself by winning one of the film industry's highest honors. "I feel like the film's been recognized for its artistic merit," said the actress. "I'm just happy for that." Unfortunately, winning Best Actress for On the Beach at Night Alone will do nothing to quiet the rumors of her love affair with Hong Sang Soo, especially after the actress's acceptance speech. "I thank Hong Sang Soo, who made the beautiful film which will hopefully bring great emotions for those who see it and therefore I'm very proud of it. I honor you and I love you." 

Sometimes, there's just no denying love.

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