Being the the eye of the public is basically part of the job description when it comes to being a celebrity in Korea, or at least a goal for those who aspire to become one.  However, while the public attention and the love from their fans is the fuel that drives most celebrities to new heights, sometimes attention can come from a dark and unwanted source: stalkers. Although some might say that stalkers come with the territory of being in the limelight, it seems that Kim Min Jong and YooA have had some exceptionally horrifying experiences that would scare just about anyone! Read on to find out what happened to these two stars.

In the most recent episode of MBC's Radio StarKim Min Jong and YooA both shared some of their truly terrifying experiences with stalkers. 

Actor/singer Kim Min Jong told the hosts of Radio Star, “I think that person got angry because I avoided [that stalker]. [That stalker] smashed my intercom. After I reported this, an investigation revealed that [the stalker] had photos of herself on my bed in her cellphone.”

He proceeded to explain, “The stalker found out the pin number after closely watching my housekeeper enter it. Even after changing the pin number [the stalker] found out about it again and entered.”

Kim Min Jong's story got creepier as he further revealed, “I was sleeping when I heard a sound during dawn and discovered [the stalker] had entered. I used curse words as I reported it to the police.”

Luckily for Kim Min Jong, his story took a turn for the better as he concluded that, “[The stalker] hasn’t been around, so I looked into it and found out that [the stalker] is in prison due to not paying the fine." According to reports, the stalker had been fined in June for attempting to break into Kim Min Jong's house.

Thankfully Kim Min Jong was never harmed physically and hopefully will no longer have problems with the stalker. 

While Kim Min Jong had one crazy stalker to deal with, YooA from Oh My Girl has had to deal with multiple stalkers...and worse. She was almost kidnapped by one!

When asked by MC Yoon Jong Shin, the idol explained that she has had problems with a large number of stalkers in the past, especially when she was younger before her debut. She went on to clarify that, “someone would always follow me at least five times a week. It would be men I don’t know, anyone from those in their 20s to much older men.” She even went on to recount that one of those times, "someone walked beside me making lewd remarks constantly."

YooA continued her story by revealing that when she was in high school, there was even someone who tried to force her into his car. The idol concluded her story by explaining that during these times she wanted to appear in the public’s eye and debut so that “people couldn’t approach me in that manner anymore.”

Let's hope that being in the public's eye will keep her safe from stalkers! 

What do you think about their stories? What would you do if you were in their shoes?


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