Well well, who in the world is that handsomely dimpled fella next to our perennial fave, Hyun Bin?

Presenting Kim Min Joon, the mysteriously intriguing actor that has managed to stay out of the ever-engulfing hallyu spotlight, and inevitably, piqued our interest. So sit back and enjoy our retrospective of the best Min Joon roles, past to present.

We first set sight on him in DAMO nine years ago as the good-bad-guy Robin Hood rebel leader, Jang Sung-baek. Kim Min Joon stars opposite of Ha Ji Won in this fast-paced action piece set in the Chosun Dynasty about love, loyalty, and betrayal.

One year later the scruffy Min Joon resurfaces with Hyun Bin in the bittersweet romantic drama, IRELAND. We’re so into the fact that the two male leads become great friends--where else can you find such a genuine (and sizzling) bromance in a k-drama?

Next, nice guy Min Joon is back as the forlorn but devoted ex-boyfriend in the highly anticipated second installment to the “Lovers” trilogy, LOVERS IN PRAGUE. The facial hair is lighter and shaggy hair tamer, but the signature sweet-guy grin is still its charming self.

The hair gets even shorter in INSOON IS PRETTY as Min Joon stars as Sang Woo, the male lead, alongside Kim Hyung Joo. Min Joon excels as the sensitive, protective, and loving male love interest; we’ve always been suckers for this beautifully poignant drama–even if our noses are red from tissues.

Next Min Joon appears in the award-winning TAZZA, a gripping story about love and revenge, centered around a gambling theme.  Min Joon is the “other guy” this time around, but wow is he good at being bad.

We saw a new side of Min Joon in his next role as a surgeon, a cuckolded husband and romantic rival for the attentions of SURGEON BONG DAL HEE. This medical drama was called "a k-drama Grey's Anatomy" and was one of the biggest hits of the year. Definitely check it out if you love for workplace romances!

Five years after their initial work in IRELAND, Hyun Bin and Min Joon reunite as co-stars. FRIEND, OUR LEGEND is a 2011 drama adaptation of the 2001 gangster classic film FRIEND both by the same director. Hyun Bin and Min Joon have electric chemistry as best friend-turned-enemies, and there’s just something about broody gangsters in a school uniform--mmm yeah, we’ll take one. Or both.

After a two year hiatus, Min Joon returns to the screen with 2011 romantic comedy, ROMANCE TOWN. He takes on an uncharacteristic role as the bachelor playboy who has no ambition but falls for his friends girl, played by popular actress Sung Yu Ri.

This year, Min Joon co-stars in the sultry melodrama BELOVED. A story about a couple whose relationship is tested by the return of ex-lovers, BELOVED has just started, so you can catch up on all the romantic intrigue quickly. We’re thinking Min Joo is looking dapper in the promo stills, but did anybody else notice the hair getting shorter and shorter every drama? Either way, we’re diggin’ it. Catch the simulcast with us only on DramaFever!

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