Kim Min-seo is currently earning recognition for her portrayal of a queen unraveling at the seams of her sanity in The Moon That Embraces the Sun, and she’s got a magazine spread to go with this fresh wave of visibility, appearing in the next issue of beauty magazine Singles. The photo shoot skews kinda bridal, but Kim looks fresh and glowy in it. She has the ability to look at home in whatever part she’s playing, which makes her something of a chameleon. Of the four most recent drama roles she’s played, all have been vastly different, and she’s been equally at home in all of them: the sad, wispy dead girl in Bad Guy; the mysterious and charismatic gisaeng in Sungkyunkwan Scandal; the sophisticated, haughty designer in Baby-Faced Beauty; and now as the jealous queen in Moon/Sun. Read more on Dramabeans.