Visually stunning and immersive, Bad Guy is a dark family/revenge drama tracing the story of a man bent on the destruction of one family. Kim Nam Gil, who leaped to leading-man status with a brilliant, breakout performance in the sensationally popular Queen Seon Duk, turns in another powerhouse performance as a coldly calculating revenge-seeker. Han Ga In (Dr. Kkang) and Oh Yun Soo (Jumong) co-star as the women who are reluctantly drawn to him, while Kim Jae Wook, best known for his role in Coffee Prince, gives his own breakout performance as an emotionally scarred, wealthy playboy. Shim Gun Wook (Kim Nam Gil) has an ordinary happy childhood - until one day he is told he is the bastard son of President Hong, head of the Haeshin Company, and taken away from his adoptive parents. Joining the Hong family, he is treated like a prince. When a DNA test reveals that he is not President Hong's son however, he is unceremoniously cast out of the house, and tragedy strikes his adoptive parents that same night. Adopted to the U.S., he returns twenty years later bent on revenge. The Haeshin family fall into his carefully constructed plan one by one, and only Hong Tae Sung (Kim Jae Wook) who was taken in by the Hongs as the President's real son, begins to suspect him. A further wrench in his plans appears in the form of Moon Jae In (Han Ga In), a beautiful, gold-digging art curator who at first pursues him, mistaking him for Tae Sung, and then begins to fall for him.

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