Actor Kim Nam Gil will be starring in the new KBS drama “Shark.” kim-nam-gil-265 His management company reported that Kim Nam Gil will officially begin to prepare for his comeback in “Shark,” his first on-screen appearance since the SBS drama “Bad Guy” 3 years ago. The lead actress has already been confirmed to be Son Ye Jin. Shark-a000 Kim was in active military duty for two years, then returned to produce his mockumentary, “Ensemble." He is currently busy preparing for upcoming May promotional activities for the film, as well as planning for an “Ensemble” Japan tour in July. In addition, he recently showed off his vocal skills by taking part in the soundtrack for the recent SBS drama “Queen of Ambition.” Kim stated that “As much as I’ve made my fans wait, I really want to do well. I want to make sure I’m completely prepared so I don’t disappoint anyone.” The drama “Shark” is about a man who faces a near-death experience and comes back seeking revenge. The comparison to a shark is symbolizes the cruel yet heart-breaking life that he is forced to live. The drama is expected to begin airing May 27. Are you excited for Kim Nam Gil's comeback?