[caption id="attachment_19397" align="alignleft" width="400" caption="Matsushima Nanako"][/caption] When Kim Nam Gil was suddenly called into military service, it meant round-the-clock shooting for the already rushed production on the revenge thriller Bad Guy. Now that Kim has left the shoot, his double--usually only used to stand in for lighting tests--has had to step up and take over the role of Gun Wook in shots from behind, and sometimes even showing his face. Think there's a resemblance? See Kim's double, Hong Do Yoon, in action right here. Han Ji Hye announced that she is engaged, and is planning a wedding in Hawaii on September 21. Little is known about her husband, except that he is a prosecutor and six years older than Han. She wrote a rather poetic message to her fans, promising to be her husband's umbrella on rainy days. Pasta fans may be interested in a new film starring Lee Sun Gyun. The unconventional Oki's Movie is divided into four parts and is about a film-maker who dates two men, bringing them into the mountains and filming their time together. With not much to go on, this could be an intriguing change of pace or a total snooze--have a look at this preview and see what you think! Song Seung Heon is remaking the 1990 American hit movie Ghost, in a Japanese-Korean-US coproduction. Matsushima Nanako costars, and she says that the remake avoids redoing the most famous scenes from the first film (so no Unchained Melody and pottery wheel?), but approaches the story in a different way. It appears that the film will be known as Love and Soul in Korea, and Ghost in Japan. Fans eagerly awaiting Playful Kiss can check out a pic from a new poster shoot here. Stars Lee Tae Sung, Jung Soo Min and Kim Hyun Joong will show footage from the shoot on the variety show Section TV tonight! Kim Soo Ro's new comedy film Quiz King comes out next month, about a TV game show that has never had a winner. Enter a group of regular Joes who aren't too bright but know the answer to the final quiz question (and ONLY that answer), will do anything to reach their chance at fame and fortune. Finally, get ready for My Girlfriend is a Gumiho with this preview that presents the career challenges of stars Lee Seung Gi and Shin Mina: will Lee continue his ratings domination and be able to broaden his acting abilities? Will Shin outgrow her perceived image as a pretty star who relies on her fame to coast through on CF appearances? Stay tuned!