Girl crush Kim Nam Joo chatted about Misty on the talk show 'Section TV' on Monday. During the interview, she speculated that her husband, actor Kim Seung Woo, "didn't watch the make out scene" of hers with actors Ji Jin Hee and Go Joon! She also spilled her thoughts on her character Go Hye Ran, being an actress, and more. Read on to reveal.

Kim Nam Joo nailed the role of a successful anchorwoman in Misty, but it turns out she wasn’t so sure about the role in the beginning. “Personally I didn’t feel confident about playing the perfect woman, so I hesitated,” Nam Joo told ‘Section TV.’ “But my husband said, ‘You can do it,’ so I did. I gave it my best.”

It’s safe to say Nam Joo’s husband and actor Kim Seung Woo was the one who got her on-board with Misty. He read the screenplay first and told her, “This show is made for you.” She didn’t deliberate too long and her on-screen partner Ji Jin Hee called and encouraged her, saying, “You should do it. I would feel so assured filming with you."

If you’ve seen the first three episodes of Misty, you’ll remember Nam Joo’s steamy make out scenes with Ji Jin Hee and Go Joon. The actress says Seung Woo “didn’t watch the make out scenes.” She explains, “He might’ve seen it when I wasn’t around, but the Kim Seung Woo I know wouldn’t have watched it.”

Nam Joo isn’t known for filming a lot of shows. Her latest was Queen of Housewives, a 2009 drama that handed her the MBC best actress award. “‘Queen of Housewives’ made me proud,” Nam Joo recalled. She ended the conversation with appreciation for her husband, saying, “Then and now, I can perform because of my loving husband Kim Seung Woo.”

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