The "kiss expert", Kim Rae Won, spills the beans!

In an interview for the Aug 4 issue of High Cut magazine, the Doctor Crush star set the record straight about the "kiss expert" nickname fans gave him. The 35 year-old actor had the following to say about his many on-screen lip locks with the lovely Park Shin Hye:  

"I have no idea why I got such nickname. It is all due to good camera angles that made me look like a good kisser. I don’t consider how I look on camera when I act, my pose just comes out looking natural when I’m lost in the moment.”

The famous fashion magazine also inquired about the plush animals' claw machine in his character's home.Why is that game many of us played as children in a doctor's residence? Kim was just as curious as we were. “According to the director, the claw machine was meant to signify Hong’s loneliness and lack of affection from his parents when young.I think the director made good use of the machine as a kissing spot."

In addition, Kim modeled current trends, and upcoming fall fashions ranging from downcast to jolly. His manly aura left his signature flair in the photo spread. 

Doctor Crush gets more riveting as the episodes progress. The storyline keeps you on the edge of your seat, and Hong Ji Hong and Hye Jung couple is just delightful! I'm even more excited to see the budding relationship between the second couple Jin Seo Woo and Pi Young Kook in the final weeks too. I can't believe he finally made the first move! 

What do you think about the relationships and level of PDA on Doctor Crush? 


Doctor Crush

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