Despite being only 16 years old, Kim Sae Ron recently played the lead role in film titled Snowy Road, one that would be challenging for any veteran actress, that of a student kidnapped and sent to Japan as a sex slave during the Japanese occupation of Korea. On Monday, at a press conference in Seoul to promote the movie's upcoming release, the actress talked about her feelings and experiences while filming the theatrical version of the popular historical drama.

It would be hard to find a history lesson as intense as the one just experienced by Kim Sae Ron, who recently played the part of Kang Yeong Ae in Snowy Road, a historical tale of two close friends from the same village who are faced with the dark realities of forced sexual slavery during the Japanese occupation. During this time, girls and women of Korea were taken from their homes and forced to act as "comfort women" for the Japanese Imperial forces, an issue still unresolved in the eyes of millions of Koreans. Comfort women were essentially women and girls who were forced into sexual slavery by the Imperial Japanese Army in occupied territories before and during World War II. Because of the seriousness of the story, the teen actress was at first apprehensive about accepting the role, but decided that it was important enough for her to take part. And now that she's experienced what it must have been like for the tens of thousands of innocent women who were forced into sexual slavery, she's humbled and grateful for the opportunity. "The biggest difference before and after I participated in the movie is that I didn't think about the comfort women issue that much before, but now I think about it more and I can't ignore it," said Sae Ron. 

Even though it was nothing compared to what all victims of this wartime atrocity had to endure, the actress had it pretty tough while shooting. The weather was brutally cold, and hours were insanely long. But of course, there was no complaining involved. "Not many people think about this issue deeply," continued Sae Ron. "I also learned more through doing research and shooting the film. It is really difficult to express their pain and resentment. I hope many people experience what I had felt while acting Kang after watching the film." Spoken like an adult twice her age, this young star is mature beyond her years.

Snowy Days, which also stars Kim Hyang Ki, will be released nationwide in Korea on March 1st, the country's Independence Movement Day.


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