The first poster is out for upcoming tvN comedy Oh My Ghost, and it features Kim Seul Gi's naughty ghostess stirring up trouble for Park Bo Young and Jo Jung Suk.

Oh My Ghost is about shy kitchen assistant Na Bong Sun (Park Bo Young), who has an unrequited crush on confident star chef Kang Sun Woo (Jo Jung Suk). Bong Sun has inherited the occasional ability to communicate with spirits from her shaman grandmother, but this ability leads to trouble when she encounters Shin Soon Ae (Kim Seul Gi), the ghost of a lusty young virgin. Soon Ae possesses the normally timid Bong Sun and, much to Sun Woo's surprise, she suddenly begins making advances on him!

You can see all of these relationships at play in the poster, where Seul Gi's Soon Ae looms mischievously over Park Bo Young as she seduces a nervous Jo Jung Suk. We also see Park Bo Young's Bong Sun watching in horror from the mirror, unable to stop herself from putting the moves on her boss.

I love the playful tone of the poster, and the thought of seeing Park Bo Young being possessed by Kim Seul Gi is just amazing! 

What do you think of the unusual premise and the poster? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Oh My Ghost comes from the writer/director team behind High School King of Savvy, and it is currently scheduled to premiere on tvN on July 3.

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