Last week, we learned all about Evergreen's main man, Lee Jonghyun. Now, it's time to meet the leading lady, Kim So Eun. Everyone remembers her as Geum Jan Di's best friend in Boys Over Flowers, but since then she has made quite the name for herself in the entertainment industry. Let's learn more about the hard-working girl with the 14 year career now.

1. So Eun has been acting for over a decade!

Boys Over Flowers may have been her big break, but it wasn't her first production. She had a small part in the 2004 movie Two Guys, while her first TV drama was the 2005 MBC series Sisters of the Sea.

2. She had a fantasy on-screen marriage with Song Jae Rim in We Got Married that will always remain a fantasy.

Their on-screen chemistry was so dynamic that many viewers were hoping they would become a couple in real life. However, So Eun put any speculation to rest when she told us what really happened behind the scenes. "That will definitely not happen and I also think that it's impossible," she said in an interview with Chinese media "We film once every two weeks and when we're not filming, we're too busy to contact each other. I think it will be very difficult for us to develop a relationship and to start feeling something for each other."

Nonetheless, they gave great fan service again when they reunited for the drama Our Gab Soon.

3. Her celebrity crush is Misty actor Ji Jin Hee.

She opened up in a Chinese interview about her dream guy. "I like someone like Ji Jin Hee. He is cool, has a great personality, and is focused on his family. The way he plays with his kids is nice to see. I want to meet someone like that." They were co-stars in the 2009 rom-com He Who Can't Marry.

4.She's an experienced music video actress!

From Monday Kiz to Acoustic Collabo, she's been a featured star in at least six music videos over the course of her career. Watch her cute video with actor Lee Hyun Woo now.

5. So Eun thinks 30+ is the perfect age for marriage.

In a @Star1 magazine interview a few years ago, the young actress confessed that marriage wasn't a priority in her life at the moment. "I don't have any plans [on getting married] until I'm 30. Until then, I'm going to work like a cow."

6. She's very competitive.

"My desire for winning? Compared to other people, my desire for winning is very strong. If I start something, I continue to do it. I will hang on until the end," she told Ten Asia in an exclusive chat.

7. She's a CF queen.

From Clean and Clear to Maxim Coffee, she is a a very popular endorsement model. Check out her commercial with actor Jang Geun Suk:

Her new series Evergreen premieres on March 5. Which Kim So Eun fact surprised you the most?


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