Kim So Hyun is a believer!

The 17 year-old actress was recently interviewed about her role as ghost Hyun Ji in the spooky series Let's Fight Ghost. Kim openly admitted that prior to her supernatural role, she didn't believe ghosts actually existed. The chilling show quickly converted her. 

"I didn't believe in ghosts but once I started filming for the drama, I think I came to believe in them. For the first time ever, I felt a ghost's presence while shooting this drama."

Even though she plays a ghost who has been dead for five years, Kim So Hyun decided to focus on a more positive aspect of her on-screen character. "I'm a ghost [in the drama] but I don't really seem like a ghost so I didn't prepare any special 'ghost-like acting.' I'm a ghost who can talk aloud during class so I tried to express the freedom I have. I'm acting more like a special girl who can teleport rather than acting like a ghost." 

Also, the young star explained that her past "cheerful" roles always placed a spotlight on their "painful situations", but Hyun Ji gives her the golden opportunity to showcase a carefree personality. "This time, despite being a ghost, my character is bright and uninhibited so I'm having fun acting her out." 

It seems Kim So Hyun loves her current role so much! She is so into her Hyun Ji role that the star is literally getting in touch with the other realm! Did Let's Fight Ghost make you believe in ghosts too? Would you want to see Kim So Hyun take on another supernatural production in the future?

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Source: Via/ Image Credit: Kim So Hyun's Official Instagram


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