Kim So Hyun is setting beauty goals once again!

On May 10, we'll be blown away by the majestic period dramaRuler: Master of the Mask. Kim returns to the small screen as a lady who comes from family of warriors, while Yoo Seung Ho stars as the crown prince who falls in love with her. To get us excited for the show's highly anticipated premiere, the 17 year-old actress has been sharing a series of behind-the-scenes photos of herself via social media in her 1700s fashion. 

Take a look at some of the recent photos of Kim So Hyun resembling a historical doll come to life.

1. Goddesses need downtime just like the rest of us.

2. She's looking forward to May.

3. Kim So Hyun can't wait to see you on premiere day.

4. I wonder if she is gazing at her handsome leading man in this still.

5. Her Let's Fight Ghost co-star Taecyeon remembered to cheer for her! He sent a food truck to the Ruler: Master of the Mask filming set early this month. 

The last time we saw Kim So Hyun was when she played royalty in the hit K-drama Goblin. We have been waiting for her to return to her rightful place in a starring role since the chilling thriller Let's Fight Ghost. Well, the wait is almost  over! You can start hanging with our girl every week starting May 10.

Are you excited for her comeback? Do you think she will have great on-screen chemistry with Yoo Seung Ho?  

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Image Credit: Kim So Hyun's Official Instagram

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