Kim So Hyun is a great role model!

The 17 year-old acting veteran refuses to let bad blood get between her and fellow actresses her age. Kim Yoo JungKim Sae Ron and herself have been ranking in the starring roles, and the Let's Fight Ghost star is determined to maintain a loving sisterhood. In a recent interview with TV Report, Kim revealed her thoughts about their individual acting careers.

 "At first, it was overwhelming how the 3 of us were mentioned together, but now it has become comfortable. Each of us has different colors, and I am more relaxed now thinking that way. I'm going to face even more rivalry when I enter my 20s, so I want us to bond together."

She is so mature for her age. It would be amazing if all actors had the same desire for friendship as she does.  After seeing each of these young ladies act, I completely agree with Kim So Hyun. Each of them bring something uniquely different to the table that can not be duplicated. I anticipate more great projects from them in the future. 

Which young actress is your bias? Would you like to see them collaborate on a project together in the near future? 

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Starring Kim Hyun Joo and Joo Sang Wook

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