Kim So Hyun is already embracing adulthood! 

The Ruler: Master of the Mask actress is so excited about turning 20 years old next year (19 American age) she's already making big plans. In a recent interview, she told the media that she intends to have her first sip of alcohol with her mom. “I am curious about the taste, but people also say, ‘Rather than the taste, the atmosphere of hanging out is great,’ so I am more curious about that. And I can also watch R-rated movies freely," she admitted.

Of course, the news outlet had to ask the young beauty about her personal life. This is what she had to say about the topic of dating:

 “Even if it’s not exactly at 20, I think I have to date once I’m in my 20s. I have never dated before, and since I have no experience, I acted through indirect experiences from films, dramas, and books. Even just for real acting, I think I must date. It does sort of feel required, but I am also curious what it would feel like.”

Besides the fact that many of us have been shipping her with Ruler co-star Yoo Seung Ho since May, I sincerely hope she has the best first love ever! 

Kim So Hyun is such a hard worker, and the role of Han Ga Eun in Ruler: Master of the Mask certainly wasn't easy. Ga Eun began the series as a nobleman's daughter who works her way into the palace and into the Crown Prince's heart. The character faced a difficult journey considering she hit rock-bottom early on, and the Pyeonsoo-hwe attempted to murder her. It just proves good always triumphs over evil!

What was your favorite memory of Kim So Hyun's character in Ruler: Master of the Mask?


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