Kim So Hyun is a busy teen! The 16-year-old star has acted in almost 30 productions since she made her debut in 2007. This month, DramaFever released her latest short series Page Turner, where she takes the leading role of Yoo Seul. However, she has had quite a journey to the top, and Kim So Hyun has taken on a variety of roles to help her become the A-list star she is today. Before you watch her latest K-drama Page Turner, let's revisit some of her most memorable projects through 12 photos.

1. Baker King Kim Tak Goo (2010)

She looked like a living doll in the red dress she wore while portraying a young Koo Ja Rim. The highly successful series definitely helped boost her career!

2. Man of Vendetta (2010)

Kim So Hyun played the minister's daughter Joo Hye Rin, who was ripped away from her family by an evil kidnapper. After eight years of searching, her father sets out to get her back when he receives a call for more ransom money.

3. Sin of a Family (2011)

Little Kim So Hyun was the character Jung Myung Hee in this movie about a young autistic boy's murder investigation. She was the victim's sister. 

4. Moon that Embraces the Sun (2012)

She hit the jackpot again in the role of young Yoon Bo Kyung. The historical love story caught viewers' attention and didn't let go.

5. Ma Boy (2012)

She played Irene's adorably clueless roommate Jang Geu Rim in the children's short series. It was like a You're Beautiful series for Tooniverse.

6. I Miss You (2012)

 Following her small role in Rooftop Prince, this drama marked the second time she worked on a K-drama with her crush JYJ's Yoochun. She played the young version of character Lee Soo Yeon. 

7. IRIS 2 (2013)

The young actress played the teen version of Lee Da Hae's character in this sequel to the 2009 hit series. Actor Park Gun Tae took over the teen role of Jang Hyuk's character Jung Yoo Gun.

8. I Hear Your Voice (2013)

This time around, her younger version of a character actually saves a young boy's life. Jang Hye Sung earns herself a child bodyguard in Park Soon Ha.  

9. The Suspicious Housekeeper (2013)

She played the eldest daughter named Eun Han Kyul in this melodrama about a maid who gives off eerie vibes. Could it have been Choi Ji Woo's legendary Hallyu wave status that rubbed off on her?

10. School 2015

I'll bet every fangirl was a little jealous of Kim So Hyun when she had these two hotties fighting over her. Last spring, she was swooning over the love Yi Ahn and Tae Kwang showered on her, believing that she was her twin sister Eun Byul. Little did they know, they both actually fell in love with Eun Bi. 

11.Sensory Couple (2015)

She played her crush's younger sister, Choi Eun Seol, in their third production together! She was able to spend a little quality time with Yoochun before her character departed the series tragically.

12. Page Turner (2016)

This year, she became the young pianist Yoo Seul. Her character has to overcome an injury she sustained in a tragic accident that threatens to silence her musical talent forever. 

What is you all-time favorite K-drama or movie starring Kim So Hyun?

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