This is not a plot for a new K-drama: Actor Kim Soo Hyun, and actor-musician Lee Hong Ki have sent in a formal application competing to become professional bowlers.

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With the exception of attending the movie premiere of Train to Busan in July, Kim has largely remained out of the public eye this year keeping busy filming his latest movie Real, and, now we know, he’s probably been focused training to join the professional bowling league as well. His love for bowling is not out of the blue. In a 2014 fan meeting Kim said, "I spend most of my free time enjoying bowling. I usually bowl with a 14 or 15-pound ball."

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Lee is a fellow actor joining Kim in turning his hobby into a profession. His company, FNC Entertainment, said of the F.T. Island vocalist, "He's preparing to become a pro-bowler, while also preparing for his concerts. Please give him your support." The aspiring pro-bowler has shared his many visits to the bowling alley to his Instagram followers; several posts showed him achieving perfect strikes too.

The first round of selection matches will be held on Oct. 22-23 with the second round held the following weekend on Oct. 29-30. We will find out if both men make it into the league when the final list of professional bowlers are announced mid-November.

May the odds be ever in both of your favor! Who wants to play bowling with these two?

Cover cr: Kim Soo Hyun's Instagram and Lee Hong Ki's Instagram

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