Both Korean stars Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Min Ho are extremely popular in China, and they have each signed many advertising deals there. When fashion brand Semir was able to get both the stars to endorse its brand, it was considered a great win-win for everyone involved. However, a new poster may be fueling a war between fans of the two handsome stars.

As you can see, the poster shows both men standing next to each other. The problem is, Kim Soo Hyun, at 180 centimeters, is shorter by 6 centimeters (or 2.36 inches) than the 186-centimeter tall Lee Min Ho.

A war of words has ensued online. Lee Min Ho's fans accuse Semir of 'stretching' Kim Soo Hyun's height. Kim Soo Hyun's fans question whether Lee Min Ho's face was stretched longer to look slimmer.

Each camp of fans is really devoted to supporting its beloved star, and something as simple as a poster can ignite the fans' ire toward those that are deemed to have made a demeaning or detrimental act.

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However, don't feel bad for the two leading men in the center of the storm. Lee Min Ho made well over 22 million in US dollars in his Chinese advertising projects last year. Kim Soo Hyun's price tag zoomed up after his fame rose with My Love From Another Star, and it is estimated that he raked in over 13 million in US dollars just in the months of March and April alone in his various Chinese deals this year.