Our cute guy  Kim Soo Hyun did a round of fun Q&A in this Pizza Hut commercial. He answers some really important questions such as what he likes for breakfast and lunch. Does he eat healthy? What will he eat for a dream meal? Inquiring minds want to know!

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00:02  A simple eating quiz for Kim Soo Hyun.

00:05  What do you usually eat for breakfast?

           A. Noodles or rice. 
           B. Eggs or sandwiches. 
           C. Fresh fruit juice or pastry.

00:10  KSH: C, I prefer something simple for breakfast.

00:17  What will you choose for lunch?

           A. Eat something that you've been craving for since morning.
           B. Ask friends what they want and go eat together.
           C. Skip lunch because you're too busy or worry about weight.

00:25  KSH: B, because it's more fun to eat together. (Love the little smile he gave with this answer.)

00:32  When a friend brings some food over to you, you will...

           A. Eat a lot if it is delicious.
           B. Only take one bite because you're hungry.
           C. Do not eat, because you're on diet.

00:39  KSH: A, Of course I'll eat a lot if it's delicious.

00:45  For afternoon tea, what would you want to eat?

           A. A piece of cake.
           B. Some nuts.
           C. A banana.

00:51  KSH: A, because it's tea time.

00:56  If your dog is wagging his tail really hard, what will you give him?

           A.  Just pet the dog.
           B.  A dog biscuit.
           C.  Some food that you're eating.

01:02  KSH: A, because the dog is wagging his tail.

01:09  In your dream, you are sitting in the best restaurant in the world. You'd order...

           A. Every dish on the menu, since I'm in a dream.
           B. A salad that has everything.
           C. A dish recommended by the waiter.

01:15  KSH: A, I'd want to try everything.

01:21  If you're on a tropical island, what kind of food do you think you must eat?

           A. Meat and rice.
           B. Ice cream and chocolate.
           C. Fruits and vegetables.

01:28  (This took some thought. KSH finally picked up both A and C, indicating he wanted both.)

01:38  Interviewer laughed and said, "You can only choose one answer."

01:47  KSH finally picked up only C.  (Health choice!)

01:52  If you're at a friend's house now, what would you want to eat?

           A. Pizza.
           B. Dumplings.
           C. Rice.

01:58  KSH: A. (Easy answer!)

02:01  Results:

           Mostly As: Rice Bucket (for Big Eater!)

           Mostly Bs: Foodie.

           Mostly Cs: Picky Eater.

02:07  Which type is our man Kim Soo Hyun?

02:11  Kim is a Rice Bucket (and he's laughing hard about it!)

02:12  Definition of the "Rice Bucket" type:

           Someone who is strong and loves eating,

           a bit naive but is loved by everyone,

           will get help from people because he is not a picky eater.

           His sincere compliments will often lead the chef to

          voluntarily give him the best food to eat.

           However, the big appetite has a negative side effect

           He needs to exercise to keep his good figure.

02:14  KSH: Thank you. I will work hard at exercising.

What do you think about this cute commercial? It's quite clever in using the quiz for us to learn more about Kim Soo Hyun and think about pizza from Pizza Hut.