The number of parodies created by fans often demonstrates the popularity of a drama, and these funny Kim Soo Hyun Super Man parody posters reflect just how popular his drama My Love From Another Star is in Korea.

In the drama, Kim Soo Hyun plays Do Min Joon, an alien who came from another star and has lived in Korea for 400 years. The character has supernatural powers like Super Man, so fans created these posters and entered them into a UCC contest for the drama on its SBS homepage.

The posters portray Kim Soo Hyun flying across the sky in Super Man’s costume. His face is serious and chic, and the phrases "Super, ultra pretty man who came to the earth 400 ago starts his first love," "He has been waiting for 400 years to meet her," and "He can see and hear 7 times better than other people. He can move through the worlds of space and time. He even can stop time. He has the power to foresee the future," are scrolled across the posters. They're are not very well made, which actually makes them funnier.

SBS content hub’s web PD Kwon said, "I can see the drama’s popularity level through this kind of parody content. Thank you fans for making these awesome and funny parody posters. Please keep watching the Super Man-like things Min Joon will do in future episodes."

Netizens who saw these posters commented that Kim Soo Hyun even looks good in Super Man’s costume, and that these posters are cute and funny. So far, the drama has recorded high viewer ratings across Korea, surpassing a 20% viewer rating. Make sure to tune in HERE to find out why!