As if we didn’t already know Kim Soo Hyun looks amazing in a hanbok, there are now survey results that prove it. Recently, on NS Home Shopping, a survey taken by 330 females asked which male celebrity looked best in traditional hanbok. A whopping 76% of survey takers crowned Kim Soo Hyun as “Best in Hanbok,” leaving Lee Min Ho in the dust with a measly 14%.

Now, a lot of you Minoz probably just got mad that he didn’t win, but let’s face the reality here. Kim Soo Hyun rocks a hanbok like no other. He just has perfectly classic features and a face shape that works well with whatever traditional hat he wears. I mean, sorry, but he deserved all 76% of those votes and you would agree too if you drooled over him in The Moon that Embraces the Sun and are currently drooling over him in My Love From Another Star.

In case you didn't know...

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Gawwd don't you just want a guy from the Joseon Dynasty?!

Kim Soo Hyun is Like: "WINNING!"

Are you Team Soo Hyun, or Team Min Ho in a hanbok?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE