When actor Kim Soo Hyun was signing autographs at a recent ZioZia event in Seoul, a fan asked him to draw Hello Kitty for her 5-year-old daughter. Kim said sure and immediately drew a Hello Kitty image, and he seemed pleased with the result. Once the fan posted the stunning image online, Kim's Hello Kitty drawing has become an internet sensation for NOT looking like Hello Kitty at all.

At Kim Soo Hyun's signing event for ZioZia on October 17 in Seoul, Korea. The size of the crowd and the lines show how popular Kim is


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Weibo user LadyKMoon posted her autograph from Kim and recounted how it happened. She asked Kim to draw Hello Kitty for her daughter who loves Hello Kitty. Kim immediately drew it and was even pleased with the result by saying, "Yes, this is Hello Kitty!"  The fan, however, was not so sure.

Let's take a closer look:

Do you think it looks like Hello Kitty?

Many fans are having a good laugh upon seeing it. Perhaps Kim Soo Hyun should keep his day job instead of trying to become another Picasso?

(photos: ZioZia, HelloKitty, korea.com, weibo/ladykmoon)