Fans of My Love From Another Star's Kim Soo Hyun don't know whether to hate or envy the female airport security staff who had the incredibly lucky job of touching and poking the handsome Korean superstar, all legally. We have the photos.

Even though Kim Soo Hyun flies in a chartered plane, he still has to go through security checks in China. These photos were taken when he was leaving Nanjing after a recent event.

Throughout his 'ordeal,' Kim Soo Hyun remained calm even while knowing he was being photographed by people in the airport. The female security staff member used a detection wand all over him and even touched his chest with her hand.

Amazed Chinese netizens who saw the trending photos posted:

"That girl is now the most envied person in China."

"It's so late (for Kim to travel). Have a safe trip home."

The next time there is an opening for an airport security staff, I predict they will only need to post these photos and thousands, if not millions, of Chinese fans will apply.