We had no idea this good-looking actor loves to bowl! Kim Soo Hyun of My Love From Another Star showed up at the men's professional bowling tryout this weekend. Scroll down to see photos and videos of him scoring strikes!

Kim Soo Hyun’s been an avid player for some time, and he has decided to test his skills in a formal setting. On Saturday and Sunday, Kim Son Hyun scored an average of 214.6 and ranked 31 out of 114 participants. Participants played 15 games each day and a total of 30 games in two days.

“Kim Soo Hyun is physically fit and passionate about bowling," Kim Hyun Bum, the actor's teacher and professional bowler, said. "He quickly shaped himself into a professional bowler. Because he was busy, he often practiced at night and early in the morning. He was so focused that his fingers started bleeding.”

Kim Son Hyun scores an average of 220 to 230. His highest score, from four days ago, was 297, the teacher added.

“Kim Son Hyun is very worried about other participants’ games being interrupted because of him (and the reporters),” representative from the actor’s agency and staff of the professional bowling association explained. “Many come to this tryout after practicing for a year to several years,” they added.

The men’s professional bowling association in Korea grants the title of a professional bowler for tryout participants with an average score of 190 or higher. Kim Son Hyun and FT Island’s Lee Hong Ki, who also played this weekend, passed the first round of games. On Saturday, Oct. 29, and Sunday, Oct. 30, the second and final round of the game takes place. If he passes the second round, he’ll become a professional bowler after a short in-house training.

We hope he nails the second round and takes the title home!

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