Aww, Kim Soo Hyun is so cute! KBS recently released stills of the hot actor in character for the upcoming series Producer.

The first thing I see in these stills is that haircut. Giving Kim Soo Hyun a bowl cut seems unforgivable, but I have hope that they will do away with it soon, and I have to admit that it matches his bumbling persona well. In the series, Kim Soo Hyun will play Baek Seung Chan, an Ivy League law school graduate who suddenly switches careers and becomes a rookie variety show producer in order to follow his first love. He is incredibly smart, but somewhat clumsy.

The production team of Producer was really impressed with Kim Soo Hyun's work on set so far. They said, “Kim Soo Hyun studied his character so much and came to set fully ready which completely surprised the staff. His way of delivering the lines matched perfectly with Baek Seung Chan’s personality; he surprised us many times on set. Please give lots of love towards Kim Soo Hyun’s character, Baek Sung Chan, and the drama Producer.”

Is anyone else getting some Sam Dong vibes from the awkward kid with bad hair who follows his first love? You can see more of his endearing character in the series teaser below:

According to KBS representatives, the broadcast date of Producer has been pushed back to May 15, when it will premiere exclusively on DramaFever. The series is currently scheduled for 12 episodes that are each 80 minutes long. Sign up for new episode alerts HERE!

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