What weight problem? Kim Soo Hyun is back in shape! Kim Hyun Soon's weight was apparently such a concern that he was asked about it by a Chinese reporter, and there were even whispers that he lost an endorsement contract due to gaining weight. But, not to worry, in recent appearances, our handsome and fit Kim Soo Hyun is back! Let's take a look at the new Kim Soo Hyun and his secret to staying fit.

We previously reported that a Chinese "Public Enemy #1" reporter dared to ask Kim Soo Hyun about his apparent weight gain. Kim Soo Hyun took it in stride and said he had eaten too much by feasting on Beijing delicacies such as roast duck and dumpling buns.

No more worries! In recent appearances, Kim Soo Hyun is looking in top-notch shape, as compared to his September puffiness.

Here's Kim in Shanghai on November 19:

At the Caffe Bene event in Beijing on December 5:


He also looked very hot in the new honey pudding commercial:

Kim Soo Hyun shared his weight-loss secret at the Shanghai fan meet. It turned out it's no big secret. He would just eat regularly and exercise regularly. I think he was being too modest. While filming My Love From Another Star, it was reported that he exercised two hours a day, starting with warm-ups, then exercises, then jogging. He also did extra push-ups to improve his muscular upper torso for the shower scene.

See the full schower scene in episode 1 of My Love from Another Star:

It also helps that he enjoys sports. As he said in the Caffe Bene event, “I love using my body. Appropriate work-out, bowling, badminton, and skiing are my favorites.”

So, what do you think? Like Kim Soo Hyun's new look? Do you agree that he should "use his body" by starring in a new drama?

(photo: sina, xkb, xinhuanet)