parkkiwoong Park Ki Woong revealed the shocking side to Korea's hottest actor, Kim Soo Hyun. After working closely with Kim Soo Hyun while filming the movie Secretly Greatly, Park Ki Woong commented on a recent Younha's Starry Night recording, "I know Kim Soo Hyun's secret. It's nothing big but his actual personality is a bit voracious and silly." He also added that Kim Soo Hyun does not have the same qualities of Hwon, the character Kim Soo Hyun played in the hit drama, The Moon That Embraces The Sun. Park Ki Woong said, "When I met Kim Soo Hyun at the movie premiere, he was singing my song." Park Ki Woong added, "Kim Soo Hyun is shy but when you get to know him, he is very playful and silly." (Source: Nate)