Kim Soo Hyun is far from flashy! The My Love From Another Star actor recently made an appearance at the press conference for his Cafe Bene promotions. During the event in China, he talked about a variety of topics, namely his rise to popularity and life behind the scenes.

"I'm not sure. I think I was lucky in choosing the dramas," he said about his sudden rise to fame.  "My character was loved, so I lived a happy life."

Kim feels his personal life doesn't differ much from his peers. "Because many people are interested in me on-screen, it seems like I live a luxurious lifestyle. Actually, my life is very plain and mundane."

On the flip side, he loves staying active. The handsome star enjoys working out, bowling, badminton, and skiing.

Do you consider Kim Soo Hyun an average young man?

Watch Kim Soo Hyun's early starring role in Dream High:

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