The color of red has never looked more adorable than on  Kim Soo Hyun in the snow. Beanpole Outdoor has released a teaser starring Kim Soo Hyun in its winter wear. We also found Kim in a set of very cute photos for a Beanpole digital winter storybook. 

Remember when Kim Soo Hyun was in New Zealand, where he did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in the winter while we were in the summer? Apparently Beanpole Outdoor is finally going to release the CF, but it is first giving us this short teaser to get a taste of what's to come.

While the video gives off a moody atmosphere, the digital storybook photos are cute and bright. Each frame is good for a winter's greeting card. 

Watch Kim Soo Hyun's starring role in  My Love from Another Star:

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Don't you find Kim Soo Hyun looking perfect in the snow? He also looks lonely all by himself. How would you like to be the one to throw snowballs with him?

(photos: Beanpole instagram)