On February 16, fans around the world celebrated Kim Soo Hyun’s birthday. In honor of his 29th birthday, South Korean men’s brand, Ziozia, released a set of photos of the actor modeling their new looks for spring.

Kim has been one of the brand’s quintessential men since 2012. Over time, the feelings exuded from each look have naturally grown to match his growth as a person. According to a Ziozia representative, “Until the last collection, Kim has shown his gentle and dandy looks. We decided to show his other mature and sentimental vibe.”

In this new ad campaign, Kim is dressed in six different clean and semi-casual outfits. While most of the clothes lean toward dark colors as seen in most menswear - black, gray, and navy blue - one outfit stands out, showing him in a light pink sweater paired with light blue jeans. The trench coat outfit is reportedly his favorite Ziozia spring look.

Kim’s last drama was Producer in 2015. He can be seen in the upcoming action-noir film Real later on this year.

Check out the 12 photos below!

Of the six outfits, which is your favorite look on him? Share with us in the comments!

Photo credit: Ziozia via


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