After enticing us with the teaser and adorable photos of Kim Soo Hyun in winter red, Beanpole has released the full CF with Kim looking cute but lonely in the snowy and icy wilderness. He needs a hug! The CF is a beautiful but sad telling of a man who appears to be brokenhearted and is on a journey to reminisce his lost love. Let's take a look.

We actually have 2 videos. The first one is the official Beanpole CF, and it is followed by a fan-made video with English subs. 

The video definitely gives all the feels, but don't you wish there are English subs? Thankfully, there is an English-subbed version from a devoted fan.

Okay, I love the atmospheric look and feels in the CF, and the haunting song is lovely, but don't you just want to give Kim Soo Hyun a warm hug?

This is exactly the theme that Beanpole wants us to experience, that the Beanpole Dove down jacket will not only protect you from the icy winter but also keep the heart warm and alive, ready for a new day.