Actor Kim Soo Hyun, whose popularity exploded throughout Asia because of the hit K-Drama My Love From Another Star, has currently become the center of various plastic surgery rumors spreading in China.

The ridiculousness all began when Chinese news outlets started reporting that Kim Soo Hyun had plastic surgery, even saying, “he was a product completely made with surgery.” So, of course, from that point on, various online forums and netizens ran free with the information, which only intensified the rumors. Now, during a recent interview with a Chinese news reporter, he was asked if he had indeed received plastic surgery.

Kim Soo Hyun simply replied with, “I’m still young so I don’t need it.”

Hmm, well this is totally my opinion, and since shallowness is one of my many gifts, I’m just going to say that the rumor was groundless to begin with. You can just look at Kim Soo Hyun's face and know he hasn’t had surgery…he was born perfect. I know for some netizens (haters), that’s a hard fact to swallow, but they need to choke it down and accept the perfection that is Kim Soo Hyun. #ByeFelicia

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What do you think? Is it just a rumor or do you think Kim Soo Hyun may have gotten friendly with a knife?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE