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Kim Soo Hyun was reported to have said "When I was 24 years old and I was planning out how I was going to live my life, I originally planned to get married between 36 and 37 years old, but I don't think I can keep that promise to myself anymore. As of now, I think I'll get married at around 41. I'll get married at 41 to a 21 year old girl." Netizens have reacted strongly to Kim Soo Hyun's revelation, saying everything from "Is he crazy? Why is he thinking of chasing after young girls at that age?" to "You shouldn't think these things even as a joke." One even said, "Then Kim Soo Hyun's bride to be... is 6 years old right now. She probably just finished up piano lessons and is heading off to her English academy at this time..." What do you think of Kim Soo Hyun's comment? (Source: