You never know who you might see riding in the New York City subway. Kim Soo Hyun was recently spotted in NYC while on vacation. What's a fan to do when he spotted Kim Soo Hyun taking the NYC subway but to take a quick snapshot?

Kim looked like anyone else, dressed casually with a cap worn backwards on his head. Nevertheless, it's unmistakably Kim Soo Hyun. (The lesson here is to never keep your eyes glued to your phone or you'll miss seeing KSH.)

Shopping in New York?

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After what we hope was a pleasant vacation, Kim Soo Hyun was spotted at the Kennedy airport leaving for Seoul.

Bye for now. Hope to see you soon in a new drama!

Fortunately for him, New York residents are not stalkers and only took a few quiet snapshots. The photos still made the news, but we don't see the kind of paparazzi crowd that he would have attracted if he were in Korea or other Asian countries. Of course, in a few more years, when K-drama has completely taken over the whole United States, Kim Soo Hyun will probably have to go around under super disguise.

(photos: credit as tagged, soompi)