[caption id="attachment_3630" align="alignleft" width="270" caption="Kim Sun Ah"][/caption] Kim Sun Ah will follow the popular City Hall with I Am Legend, in which she'll throw off the chains of an abusive marriage to strike out on her own to form her own rock band. Cool! Kdrama stars headed to Spain this week, as Kim Hyun Joong caught the El Classico soccer match in Madrid (he was spotted thanks to incredibly nosey cameras from across the stadium), and Pasta's Lee Sun Gyun picked up a Best Actor award at the International Film Festival of Las Palmas de Grand Canaria for his work in the film Paju. Lee's win was attributed to his understated acting style as a man who falls in love with his wife's sister. IRIS is airing soon in Japan, and just as Winter Sonata sent Japanese fans to visit South Korea, IRIS is bringing South Korean tourists to beautiful Akita Prefecture where a good deal of the action hit was filmed. The article says that "Isis" begins this month, and I haven't been able to verify if that's a typo or the Japanese title for the series... A.N.Jell, the fictional band from You're Beautiful (arriving Thursday to Dramafever!) has remained so popular even though the series is over that just days ago an official band website was created. See the band's site here, and if you like what you see, stay tuned to enjoy You're Beautiful on DF! According to research done by Park Jin Hee as part of her masters program, 40% of actors show signs of depression, and 20% have purchased pills or "other devices" that would assist them in committing suicide. Park interviewed actors from all levels of fame and wealth, and concluded that their unstable sources of employment caused incredible stress, far removed from the popular image of the carefree celebrity. Finally, in case you missed it, Kim So Yeon did the old 200 Pounds Beauty fat suit routine for a flashback scene on the new drama Prosecutor Princess. Speaking of fat suits, did you know they're making another Big Momma's House movie? Yeesh.