cityhall_newsFilm and drama superstar Kim Sun Ah, much-loved for her 2005 smash drama My Lovely Sam Soon, stars in City Hall, a hit 2009 drama about a lowly government employee who rises to city mayor. Film actor Cha Seung Won delivers a charismatic (and arguably a breakout) performance as a cynical, arrogant politician who takes a young woman from a small town and turns her into a political powerhouse, perhaps falling in love along the way.

Shin Mi Rae (Kim Sun Ah) is a junior secretary in the mayoral office of provincial town Inju City. After years of fetching coffee and running errands, she has no plans beyond remaining neutral amid the political machinations and corruptions swirling around her. Enter Jo Gook (Cha Seung Won), a high-profile government official and rising political star who is sent by his mentor, for mysterious purposes, to take over the position of deputy mayor in Inju City. Jo Gook's ultimate goal is the presidency of South Korea. He's none too happy about being banished to a small town, but with his usual sangfroid he quickly adapts, and eyes Mi Rae as a potential pupil and asset.

When Mi Rae wins a beauty pageant and demands the prize money which her corrupt boss has stolen, she is promptly fired. Jo Gook decides that now is the time to take action. Taking her under his wing, he propels her into the political arena and introduces her as the newest candidate for the mayoral office. Now, with Mi Rae's friends, neighbors, and many voters rallying around her, the race is on to find out just what Mi Rae is made of. Up against her ex-boss and other corrupt government officials, will she still have it in her to win the heart of the reserved, arrogant Jo Gook?

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